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Jewelry from Jecal Gallery

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

The expression of art through jewelry making has long been a positive outlet for me. Expressing the joys and heartaches of my childhood and adult life as I bring my jewelry to life has become a catalyst for healing. In the creation of each piece, I play with the juxtaposition of organic materials and man-made objects. Through this process I find myself expressing and challenging stereotypes and prejudices, and making each piece into "living art", which find its complete expression upon being worn. I feel each piece is custom-made to the individual who eventually finds it, resonates with it, and brings it to life upon wearing it. My work is often sensual and sharp, inviting and dangerous, anatomical and abstract, elemental and progressive...and always radical and fresh!

One of kind pieces can be commissioned to express your own story.

Life is a beautiful, messy and exhilarating paradox...declare your adventure through 'Wearable Living Art' by Je'Cal.

To Design Your Own or purchase from the 'Living Gallery' contact:

Jennie McCall

(971) 235 2447

I create one of a kind pieces that can be custom designed to fit any aesthetic. Contact me via e-mail and we can come up with a design together.